Monday, April 17, 2006


The first instrument. The primal rhythm of a heartbeat, the circular meter and resonance of every breath… By glorious design, the drum echoed vocal inflections and timbre. It spoke of and to human passions. Hewn from earth’s gifts and carved by sinewed hands, the Drum was fashioned to reveal the earliest knowledge of self & tap into universal soul.

And still today, the drum calls forth, exhorts, and binds the tribe. The drum remembers humankind’s history, keeps time for the present, and presciently measures our future.

These are the ancient and timeless soundscapes the Talons so lyrically conjure. The drumbeats draw us in … we follow…and are led wordlessly to the beatific Center … until we inhabit their village and join the dance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great show at Culture Fest.

7:21 PM  

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